Adoption Policy

·         We will not adopt any rabbits under the age of 8 weeks old.  It is against the law and it is better for the rabbit to stay with its mother as long as possible.
·         All rabbits are first come first serve.  If you are interested in a rabbit, you can put a hold on it.  We will hold the rabbit for you for 24 hours.
·         A pick up date and location will be determined between the adopter and the rabbitry.  If for any reason the rabbit cannot be picked up on the scheduled date or if the adopter misses pick up, the rabbit will become available again immediately.
·         The adopter must fully inspect the rabbit at pick up before adoption is finalized.  Adoption will be finalized once a rabbit adoption is paid for in full and the adopter has taken possession of it.
·         No rabbits will be shipped.  Every rabbit must be picked up by its new owner.  Please bring a carrier with you at time of pick up.
·         We will not knowingly sell an adopted animal that is sick, but it is also your responsibility to fully inspect the animal before adoption is final.
·         We cannot control what happens to a rabbit after it leaves our care.  We will not be responsible for any medical costs the rabbit may icur after sale.
·         We cannot guarantee show quality rabbits.  If disqualifications are known, they will be stated before the sale is finalized.  If an animal is pet quality, it will not come with a pedigree.
·         Sex of a rabbit is not 100% guaranteed.  It is very difficult to determine sex of a rabbit at a young age and we are new at this.
·         Each rabbit comes with a transitional bag of feed, starter bag of hay, and a care sheet.


Rabbits will be picked up at a place of our choosing. We are a closed rabbitry, meaning the place of pickup will not be at our home. There are many reasons for a closed rabbitry, but the most important is for the safety of my family and animals. I will not deliver any rabbit. Please do not contact me if you do not want to travel for a bunny.

I will not take back any rabbits after you have had them in your home,  nor refund any money once the rabbit is out of my possession. It is a risk to my rabbits to bring rabbits back into a rabbitry.

Before contacting me, make sure you are able to take care of a bunny.  Remember, that bunnies can live up to 10 years.  If you are not ready for a ten year commitment, please do not contact me about any available bunnies.