Dwarf Rabbit

Welcome to Carrot Top Rabbitry

Our rabbits are more than pets, they are family!


Our family owns a small Rabbitry in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Located just outside the city limits of Charleston near Kanawha State Forest. We currently are focusing on raising Holland Lops and Giant Flemish.

Our rabbits are well socialized and hand-raised. We focus on breeding quality kits over quantity. Our rabbits are indoors on soft/solid surfaces like carpet, rugs, mats, tile, and hardwood flooring along with their paper bedding, wood toys and tunnels, blankets, and bunny beds. They are used to a lot of noisy things like; our son (a volunteer cuddler), vacuums, and our dogs Jax and Tucker.

We currently have two bucks and two does. They were chosen for their beautiful colors and cuddling temperament. Although we cannot guarantee any type of temperament because each rabbit is unique just like humans.

​Out rabbits are fed a diet of quality Timothy hay and Oxbow pellets, chosen for their quality and nutrition in every serving. Our rabbits are also given select fruits and vegetables in moderation.

​Our website is set up to give complete and total information. If you are interested in adopting please read through the information here on our website as it contains the most up to date information!

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